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Play more than 40 new scenarios to learn the art of war as you seek to crush your enemies and build a massive empire. Spartan: A Real-Time Strategy Game Spartan II: Total Warrior is the follow-up to the classic real-time strategy game by Croteam. Three hundred years have passed since the last game. In this time, the population has almost doubled and the borders are now defined by the Great Wall of China. In this industrialised world, tribes and clans still fight for control over the territories. You will play as an officer of the Spartan army, and be tasked with defending the Great Wall and stopping the hordes of barbarian tribes from breaking through. The Core Rulebook is packed with information, including lots of game mechanics, world history, and the history of the Spartan army. This is an essential addition to any strategy game collection, whether you’re a casual fan of the game, or a veteran of the game’s earlier incarnations. Spartan: Total Warrior is a standalone game that can be played without owning the previous games in the series, and it doesn’t require any special equipment to play. The unit system is the same as in the previous games, but there are a number of new unit types. For example, you can play as a band of 30 elite thieves, or a unit of 30 bowmen. The battlefield is played out in real-time, with a set of controls similar to the control scheme used by other strategy games. The biggest difference is that the screen is split in two, so that you can manage both sides of the battlefield simultaneously. You’ll want to plan your units out across the map as soon as the game starts. If you’re looking for a deep strategy experience, or you’re a fan of the games, you should give Spartan: Total Warrior a try. A Total War Game by Charles Stross Charles Stross is an author of cyberpunk and steampunk fiction. He is also the creator of the Commonwealth Saga series, which involves four books (Fools Errant, Salt Wire, Ironclad and Crystal Fire) and one novella (The Apocalypse Codex). He was the technical and design lead on the Hidden Agenda. The management and business systems of the Commonwealth are essentially just one large city with multiple tiers, and its inhabitants are divided into sectors. The game is set in 4137, eight years after






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